Saturday, June 30, 2012

Inspiration Avenue's challenge & PostCard Swap UpDate

Inspiration Avenue's challenge for this week is "Art Journaling" and our hostess Maggie showed us so many beautiful examples of art journals, plus she included videos showing how some go about creating them!
I have an art "idea book" / sketchbook but haven't used it as an art "journal" and what's in there isn't even close to the examples of what Maggie showed us. However i decided to give it go.....

~~~~~~~~~~~ + ~~~~~~~~~~

And now for the 
Post Card Swap Up Date!
Only four arrived, I hope the fifth one wasn't lost in the mail! But here are the four that arrived and you can tell that each one was made with their own artistic flair!
I love each and everyone, & thank you all so much!!

This was the very 1st card that arrived & is so pretty! It's from Peggy Gatto !

A wild Bohemian w/ a 3D butterfly was created by a mother & daughter team, LiLa O!

Earthy & loaded with texture, "BE" is from Jeanet Annott !

This lovely creation is from my IA sister, Cindy & is decorated with tiny jewels !

Plus this surprise bonus from another IA Sister, Kim !

This swap was so much fun i can't wait for the next one ! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

becoming Brave HeARTed

At etsy where i have my little online shop, there is a new feature they'd like us to incorporate, called "about" (link goes to my "about" page). In this section we're to write what makes us tick, or how we make our creations. 

Despite my anguish about having to put down my philosophy, the exercise really was good for me. It forced me to seriously think about why i create. I thought of two artists that i admire and their outlooks. One, Russ Potak, said to "paint with abandon". Another, Kim Collister, a "sister" via Inspiration Avenue, talks about being brave and fearless. 


 I am trying to be brave enough to listen  to the voice that's deep inside trying to get out, not to hold back and be safe. Little by little, more and more, I've been listening to that voice and as i do i see my art getting more expressive, bolder and more abstract!

Andachten ~ Devotions

 I'm not sure where this heart is taking me on my artistic journey, but i hope to be brave and fearless on it!