Friday, November 23, 2012

a little bit of everything!

It's been one of those very long months that we all have when everything is hitting you at once.
my "net-book" stopped working needing an expensive repair, health problems, money problems, dealing with a major disappointment.... sigh.
But not all was a negative...
my friend Kim Collister was featured in
I own some of her fabulous creations & was so
 inspired reading about her method for creating such artsy, encouraging tags 
that i thought i'd try my hand at them. 

Creating art is good therapy! 

I  mailed these out as a surprise gift for some 
very special customers as a little
 "thank you for your business".

Here are some new pieces I've done with 
the palette knife!
 i discovered that 
i love painting with the knives
and can't wait to do more!!

Blueberry Barrens
Abstract in Blue & Brown

Abstract Knife Painting

Dreaming of Spring
for something completely different...
the IA team had a "Mandalas" challenge 
a few weeks ago
that i couldn't post due to the pc trouble
so here are my belated & most feeble attempts

Oh!! I almost forgot to tell you,
though you probably have guessed,
i have a new laptop thanks to my hubby
it's my early Christmas and birthday gift!

Hopefully i will catch up with the IA challenges
and show you what i've been doing in my journal
but that will have to wait till later.

take care!