Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ah Paris, the city of Love!

Inspiration Avenues challenge "I Love Paris" is brought to us
 beautifully by our IA sister Hettienne.
 Hettienne's wonderful photos and descriptions of Paris 
have me longing to go and experience it for myself! 
Oh, please check out her personal blog for 
another gorgeous tour of Paris! 
I tried 2 other pieces but they didn't feel right, this one
is much closer to the feeling I wanted to capture.

I created a traditional collage and then played around with it  
giving it old fashioned romantic vintage feel

Here are 3 versions

( this one makes me think of French Toile!) 

It's not too late to enter the I Love Paris challenge yourself!
Hope to see you in Paris!
thank you so much Hettienne for the inspiration!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a Pair of Pears for Artists Play Room

Jenn McClean, IA sister, friend, artist, blogger extraordinaire, and now a contributing editor of the new art magazine "Featuring", has another challenge for  The Artists Play Room this week  ...  "Pears".
I thought I'd use this challenge to see if i could do an 
abstract collage of pears.
Pears 1

Pears 2

Here's how i did these...  
*WARNING, Don't try this at home!*
Because i have no idea of the "proper" way to do this and wouldn't want to lead any of you astray!
(also color and quality of step by step photos aren't very good 
as they were taken rather hastily 
on the kitchen counter where i work)

I made "sketches" in acrylic paint on 
Strathmore Archival Acid-Free Premium linen canvas 246 lb. paper

casually painted the backgrounds knowing a bit of those colors will be seen under the upcoming layers of paper and paint

then i begin adding torn papers

more paint and more papers

still more layers, 
sealed with varnish
& finally trimmed the edges of the finished pears

I wasn't that happy with the 2nd pear, it was too "warm" and drab.
I also needed better contrast
so i added blue and a touch more white.

I have noticed that my method of work has been changing.
It is more loose and free. 
i have a vague idea of where i want to go and
allow the painting to guide me... 
 i am loving this new freedom!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

chucking the plans and the teapot challenge

Boy just when i thought i was getting the feel for abstract art,
this week happened!
I sketched a few designs in pastel pencils that
i thought were terrific.
But when i was painting them..... totally awful!
The more i looked at those mini sketches,
the more awful my work became.
So after working on the two paintings for a day and a half, 
i chucked the sketches &
 just did what i  thought worked for the piece;
 and when i was happy with what i saw,
i stopped! (lesson learned from last week!)
Life Circle

Now i think in total honesty i should tell you
 that my much beloved hubby, 
actually laughed out loud when he saw the abstract landscape.
hmmm...... of course this wonderful man doesn't like abstract or expressive art & though he respects VanGogh, he wouldn't want any of his work in the house. So maybe, and this is my semi desperate way of coping, his laughter at this piece may just be a good thing!?
And for the Inspiration Avenues "tea pot" challenge, time was a bit short this week,
 but i took one of my photographs and played around digitally
giving it a new look for Shel's challenge.
"Green Tea"

Sunday, July 1, 2012

continuing in the abstract

In a recent post, "becoming Brave HeArted" I wrote how "i'm trying to be brave enough to listen  to the voice that's deep inside trying to get out, not to hold back and be safe.... & as i do, i see my art getting more expressive, bolder and more abstract!" here's my next piece.....

This mixed media painting is on the large side for me, 6x6 inches, box canvas with 1 1/2 in deep sides that are painted.
I re-learned  an important lesson the hard way with this one.  When i first did this, my heart was pounding wildly at how perfectly the painting captured my vision, and then i did what i told myself i would never do again.... i thought  "what if i add...."; and it wasn't bad, but then i had to add to that, and then by my third addition i hated it.
So after kicking myself, i started fresh & when my heart was happy once more i STOPPED! :)
i just hope i don't fall off the wagon & start doing the "what ifs" again!

And on a side note  Peggy Gatto was having a "Garden Cross Give-Away" and i was one of the winners!  What a wonderful way to kick start July!!  Thank you Bunches Peggy!!! :D