Thursday, September 27, 2012

the farmer's market & prayer

It's been a rough few weeks,
lots of company plus a major fibro flare-up
but Autumn is here at last
and I'm ready to create art again!
On the first day of autumn
my friend Kathryn & I went 
to the farmers market.
Kathryn came home with raw goat milk
which is delicious by the way;
but i came home with this handmade journal
it's unusual in that i havent' seen one
that opens from the top of the book
both the front and back cover are the same
the inside paper is recyled
I've attempted a store bought art journal before
but basically it's rather haphazard & all over the map,
 just sketches,  a bit of color testing and i ashamedly
 admit to using it's pages for a shopping list.
However this journal has given me a theme for my art...
"Prayer" so this journal will be filled with
art inspired by Scripture and the Spiritual life.

With matte medium, i glued  sets of 2 pages into 1
and gessoed them. From  the looks of these
 they will need another coat of gesso.
and i added to the inside covers
a page from an 1866 German Devotional
and 1907 book "Festival Prayers, Day of Atonement" in Hebrew
 Although i'm  just beginning this
i feel confident that this is just the book
i needed to really get going with an art journal!

and on a side note, 
a while back i won a garden cross created by 
Peggy Gatto, and at long last here is a picture of it!
Thank you Peggy!! :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

....the Party's Over...

The Fairy Tea Party is over
but before the last fairy left
she had to select
the guest to receive
this necklace
so she sprinkled special fairy dust
one special guest glowed!
Sally Anne Russell!

But wait
there is still another gift to be given

so more special fairy dusting
and now Georgie of Puddin & Pie is now aglow!

Sally & Georgie,  please email me your addresses
so i can mail your gift out to you!

Blessings and Joy to all!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's the Fairies Party Hop!

Welcome!!!  how wonderful that you are here!
let's take a peek inside ....

Natures flowers are the decorations for the party
and the fairies begin to arrive!

the fairies are arriving from east and west,
and from the north & south...

pretty fairy cakes
fairy tea sandwiches and
sips of refreshing fairy green tea

time for dancing

 and making new friends

and making merry!

psst, can you see the gifts the fairies have for you???
One you will find right at Inspiration Avenues Fairy Party
and the other

right here!
*for a chance to win this necklace:
* post a comment here
then go to The Expressive Palette on facebook
* say "Hi" & "like" the page!
a random drawing will be selected from all the names, and
it will be lovingly sent to the winner*
* Check back here Monday
if you see your name, then email me your address :)

the sun is setting
and lights keep the party going

yet soon the fairies will be returning
to their wee abodes
and as they leave they thank you so much for coming to their party
and wish you a most lovely & magical good night

and don't forget to attend all the other delightful fairy parties
that you will find at Inspiration Avenue!