Tuesday, August 27, 2013

you call this is work??

A few months ago I received  a note in my etsy shop from Tabitha from DecoArt, asking me if I wanted to join the the DecoArt Design Team. I did some research & learned about their new line of professional artist acrylic resin paints, Traditions , which I can attest to are simply wonderful!  Lots of questions & several emails later I officially joined their design team. 

What does it entail? Just creating art!  I am offered an assignment to create something using a particular product or perhaps a theme, take photos of it and write out detailed instructions. I then send my art to DecoArt & they send me a check! How wonderful to get paid for what you love to do!
A couple weeks after I joined I was surprised by a huge box from DecoArt filled with  their complete line of Traditions paint plus other mixed media art supplies! Have to say I really love the Traditions line, they are a dream to paint with!!! LOVE them!

Here's my art corner in the kitchen. My husband was going to make a shelf for my new paints but when we were shopping he saw the clear plastic replacement drawer for a fridge that would work perfectly.  All he had to do was drill holes in it and voilĂ ! a terrific shelf!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

sometimes art is bitter sweet

It always is a wee bit sad parting with a piece; but this one hurts. I have used this piece as my shop banner, the picture on my business card, & often as my profile pic. It's creation seemed like God was involved with it by the way that it came about so smoothly with each stoke of color going perfectly in place. I was just considering removing it from my shop when Marian, who lives in England, asked me to reserve it for her. I know how much she loves it & that she will give it a good home, but for the time being my heart is breaking a bit.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Expressing Les Mis

I love the movie Les Miserables! I cried throughout the film when i saw it in the theater & cried each time I watched it via Netflix (6 times in one weekend!)  The power & emotions of the movie Les Miserables were so overwhelming that I felt consumed by them; the only solution was to express them on canvas.  

 I created this  abstract mixed media collage, Les Miserables, with many many layers of glazes, plus paper, fabric, a photo transparency, washi tape & ink.