Monday, October 7, 2013

Inspiration Ave Challenge

Inspiration Avenue's Team Challenge this week is Faces  
and the timing couldn't be any better!

Just over a month ago I rediscovered
the satisfaction one can get from creating faces
when I participated in the 29 Faces Challenge Sept 2013.

From my first awkward drawings to 
modern stylized digital faces, 
it was a terrific growing experience.

One face, that at first I thought was too depressing, grew on me
to such an extent that I have just made it my new profile pic.

It began like this

Then I played around with it
(I think this is really cool)
and becausse I love color, played around some more
and more

I see so many possibilities with this face that I
made a rubber stamp of it to use in my mixed media work.
 My lino block skills are quite rusty and
 the image isn't as perfect as I wanted.
Note: technically this isn't a "lino block" as I did this in rubber;
However when I am able to get more supplies
I will attempt another go at it.

Thank you to Maggie  
& Inspiration Avenue for this weeks challenge!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mini Autumn Swap

What is a mini Autumn Swap you may ask?
Well it involves mini art in the format of ACEOs.
ACEOs aka ATCs are Artist Trading Cards
and measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches.
They can be in any medium any style the only rule is the size.

Well the ACEO team from etsy was holding a swap.

It was real simple - theme,  Autumn
& we exchange with just one person!

I was really blessed to get Lee of Watercolors or Else !

She sent me not one, but two beautiful aceo's
and they arrived in a handpainted card!
All are most certainly frame worthy!!
I love the tree and the shadow under the leaves - gorgeous!

My offerings weren't nearly so grand -
a collage made using handmade artisan papers, 
"an Autumn Day" is from an old vintage book,
and a genuine maple leaf I saved from last autumn.
this I did in water colors

 and I enclosed them in a collaged note card

So thank you very much Lee for being so generous
with your beautiful art
and thanks to the ACEO etsy team for holding this swap!!