I am truly in constant wonder & awe over God's creation.
I open myself up to all it's beauty and wonder, let it fill my heart and senses, and then try to capture the essence, the feeling of that with art.

On a very personal level, a botched back surgery,  thyroid surgery,  fibromyalgia and a recent stroke have all taught me to sincerely appreciate the little things in life, whether it is taking a breath without pain, having the ability to speak & see and to have a bed to sleep in.

That said, I'm a blissful wife to my best friend, mom & grandma to 4 beautiful granddaughters. My hubby & I live in a wee abode in gorgeous Vermont, surrounded by trees, lots of birds & an occasional bear.

Materials & Techniques:
My new favorite medium is Oil & Cold Wax, I love everything about it. The layers, the blending, the wonderful creamy texture of the paint is relaxing and restorative. You can paint wet into wet, or let the paint dry before adding another layer. You can gently remove layers or carve into layers, it's wonderfully versatile. Painting this way takes me 2 to 3 times longer than acrylics, but it's so much more satisfying & enjoyable.

I also enjoy  tearing hand made papers for collage, painting with many layers of colors & working with a palette knives, soft pastels & occasionally working in watercolors. 


Dark chocolate
Green Chai Tea
Silent Movies
Birds - we have four feeders which are usually all a flutter with activity

My Hubby - an incredibly amazing guy who makes me laugh daily

Music - I used to paint best listening to music; usually it's from the 20's & 30's, Big Band Era, The Beatles, The Animals or Classical. Since my stroke I enjoy painting in silence or classical music.

And last but most important, my faith in Christ. When problems due to health, family or what's happening in the world seem almost overwhelming, that's when I can find strength & comfort knowing that God is still in control. It's the special peace that He gives that enables me to paint with a hopeful if not joyful heart.

Live in Love, Gratitude & Awe

God's Blessings to you! ♥ Diane

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I am proud to be part of the DecoArt Design Team 
using their new &dreamy professional Traditions Acrylic Resin Paints

this is a great magazine & i'm honored to have been in it!