Tuesday, February 14, 2012

even a blade of grass.....

"The moment one gives attention to anything, even a blade of  grass, it becomes a mysterious awesome indescribably magnificent world in itself." ~ Henry Miller

When i read this quote it was an instant connection, "yes!!" that is exactly how i have always felt, but never quite put that belief into words. It's akin i suppose to "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", but it goes much farther than that, putting the wonder of the object totally within us. We have to be open to see it's wonder, & then allow ourselves to express the feeling of what we are beholding.

That is how i paint, more than what i see, i paint what i feel.

This is a mixed media piece-  a miniature watercolor painting (ACEO), combined with collage. It is entitled "Even a Blade of Grass".


  1. Hi....I found you via my blog and your comment which was via Team Madcap....phew, even I don't get that. I love your mixed media piece, I also love mixed media, altered art as well as my fairy prints. Also, I would love to visit your state...love Bernie, you are so lucky.

    Happiness to all

    1. thank you so much Bernie for dropping, saying "hi" & following!! :D

  2. Hi Diane, Congratulations on your new blog. I just recently joined the artiststeam on Etsy. Look forward to getting to know you and your art.


    1. Hi Laura! thanks for following & saying hello! I went to your link above & it took me to a different site. So went to etsy to look you up to find your proper link. Your work is gorgeous!! :D

  3. Hi Dianne,
    Jenn again, from IA. Love this quote, and Van Gough's too. I noticed you're using Google Friend Connect to collect followers. Did you know Google is dropping it for all non blogger users by this March and abandoning the platform entirely by the end of the year for even Blogger blogs? Since you only have a few followers so far I suggest you literally eliminate Google Friend Connect and use a new option that SO MANY blogging people have jumped on the band wagon about. It's a free tool called Linky Follower Tool. Here's the link,
    It has even more features than GFC and it's GREAT. Unfortunately, if you give potential followers the option, some will still choose GFC, even if you do what I did and tell them NOT to use it. I still had almost 10 new followers on in the last MONTH, sheesh! What's the point of using it if it's gonna disappear, what a waste of Followers, they're so hard to get anyways. You should contact your 4 other followers and ask them to refollow using the new tool. (I added myself just to be friendly, I'll stop by and add myself again if you switch over...)

    Finally, I'm starting a new Artist's Blog Hop in March and I invite you to participate. The rules can be read by clicking on the Artist's Play Room Button on my sidebar.
    Have a great upcoming week,

    1. Hi Jenn, ok, i signed up with Linky & followed you on that :D Will be looking forward for more details on the Blog Hop! sounds like fun :)
      & thanks so much for following!
      diane :)


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