Friday, May 4, 2012

Darkness & Light ~ Artists Play Room Challenge

Jennifer McLean's challenge for this week's Artists Play Room is Darkness and Light.  I've been thinking about this all week and decided to do a landscape. The  challenge for me was having a strong sense of the darkness and light  (my weakest area) yet i didn't want it to be too harsh.

So I did an ink & pen landscape, then added washes of color. I really liked it but for this challenge i wanted to see what would happened when i enhanced it digitally.

 4x6 inches, Fabriano 140 lb Hot Pressed

Thanks so much for another terrific APR challenge Jenn! I loved doing it :D


  1. Oh, I love the richness of the colours....beautiful!


  2. oh my gosh, Diane, I'm so totally loving your latest work! The colors are spectacular. Thanks for sharing it in APR, it's really wonderful. Very cool that you're working bigger too. I'm trying to go bigger, it's intimidating!

    Just got my Featuring mag!! So COOL. I love the quality and it's so readable. I'm gonna write a post for next week about it.
    See you in IA.
    (sad face that I didn't get you as a trading PS partner)

  3. I echo Cindy's word: RICH! Also love how the ink textures are more intense in the foreground and become less detailed in the background.

  4. PS: Love the Henry Miller quote!

  5. It was a great topic wasn't it and I loved your interpretation of it... so strong and fresh with those colours.... I also like the rhythm you have created as well.. very very successful all round I think...xx

  6. Wow..wonderful piece!!Gorgeous energy and colors....and I love how this pieces carries you inward and pulls you inside of it..gentle and powerful!! Beautiful!
    Visiting from the APR challenge!

  7. This is lovely! I had an entry for this but forgot to link it up but I'm still trying to visit everyone. Love this value change as the view moves back into the painting - nicely done. thanks for the visit.

  8. Wow1 Really vibrant colors! Just beautiful landscape. Do it VERY LARGE! :)

  9. Hi everyone, hope you forgive the group reply, it's been a crazy week, but i want to Thank You all for your encouragements! You are all so kind to take the time to drop in & chat! :D

  10. What a gorgeous your color choices!

    Wishing you a lovely week!


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