Friday, November 23, 2012

a little bit of everything!

It's been one of those very long months that we all have when everything is hitting you at once.
my "net-book" stopped working needing an expensive repair, health problems, money problems, dealing with a major disappointment.... sigh.
But not all was a negative...
my friend Kim Collister was featured in
I own some of her fabulous creations & was so
 inspired reading about her method for creating such artsy, encouraging tags 
that i thought i'd try my hand at them. 

Creating art is good therapy! 

I  mailed these out as a surprise gift for some 
very special customers as a little
 "thank you for your business".

Here are some new pieces I've done with 
the palette knife!
 i discovered that 
i love painting with the knives
and can't wait to do more!!

Blueberry Barrens
Abstract in Blue & Brown

Abstract Knife Painting

Dreaming of Spring
for something completely different...
the IA team had a "Mandalas" challenge 
a few weeks ago
that i couldn't post due to the pc trouble
so here are my belated & most feeble attempts

Oh!! I almost forgot to tell you,
though you probably have guessed,
i have a new laptop thanks to my hubby
it's my early Christmas and birthday gift!

Hopefully i will catch up with the IA challenges
and show you what i've been doing in my journal
but that will have to wait till later.

take care!


  1. Diane, your mandalas are lovely. I painted one from my friends mandala coloring book. Good fun!

  2. You have certainly been busy. Those tags look great. You are very good with the palette knife art too - hope you sell lots of them.

  3. Great paintings - love the expressive application of paint. I like the oranges in the first and the flickering light in the third and all that colour contrast in the last!

  4. Nice works done with painting knives, Diane. I found you on the Blogland site. Have you seen my ideas for art teachers? On Mixed Media

  5. Diane,
    I am so honored you mentioned me and your tags are just AMAZING! I love your paintings, painting with knives is something I have not tried yet. Yours however, are very impressive along with your mandalas which I totally can not seem to do. I love looking at them and I am completely inspired by them, but when it comes to trying to do one, I suddenly find other things I need to get done! LOL
    Always great to hear from you!!!


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