Tuesday, August 27, 2013

you call this is work??

A few months ago I received  a note in my etsy shop from Tabitha from DecoArt, asking me if I wanted to join the the DecoArt Design Team. I did some research & learned about their new line of professional artist acrylic resin paints, Traditions , which I can attest to are simply wonderful!  Lots of questions & several emails later I officially joined their design team. 

What does it entail? Just creating art!  I am offered an assignment to create something using a particular product or perhaps a theme, take photos of it and write out detailed instructions. I then send my art to DecoArt & they send me a check! How wonderful to get paid for what you love to do!
A couple weeks after I joined I was surprised by a huge box from DecoArt filled with  their complete line of Traditions paint plus other mixed media art supplies! Have to say I really love the Traditions line, they are a dream to paint with!!! LOVE them!

Here's my art corner in the kitchen. My husband was going to make a shelf for my new paints but when we were shopping he saw the clear plastic replacement drawer for a fridge that would work perfectly.  All he had to do was drill holes in it and voilĂ ! a terrific shelf!


  1. Thank you Shel for saying so!!! :D and for being the first (& only) to comment after my long absence :)


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