Monday, October 7, 2013

Inspiration Ave Challenge

Inspiration Avenue's Team Challenge this week is Faces  
and the timing couldn't be any better!

Just over a month ago I rediscovered
the satisfaction one can get from creating faces
when I participated in the 29 Faces Challenge Sept 2013.

From my first awkward drawings to 
modern stylized digital faces, 
it was a terrific growing experience.

One face, that at first I thought was too depressing, grew on me
to such an extent that I have just made it my new profile pic.

It began like this

Then I played around with it
(I think this is really cool)
and becausse I love color, played around some more
and more

I see so many possibilities with this face that I
made a rubber stamp of it to use in my mixed media work.
 My lino block skills are quite rusty and
 the image isn't as perfect as I wanted.
Note: technically this isn't a "lino block" as I did this in rubber;
However when I am able to get more supplies
I will attempt another go at it.

Thank you to Maggie  
& Inspiration Avenue for this weeks challenge!


  1. Hello Diane! Thank you for your visit! Wow, you continue with faces again. Now this face is so beautiful with the bright and clear colors! Whe looks thoughtful.

  2. I was enthrulled you participated in the face challenge. I love how it turned out for you. We never know what lies ahead. I adore the long flowing hair

  3. This is a wonderful piece of artwork the face so simple but so expressive and I love how you have changed it up several times...great job Diane.

  4. OH>>>> I like that stamp....make me one, make me one, or maybe I should try to make one, but it probably would not turn out as good as the "artist made it" Gosh Diane your are soooo creative....good job!!

  5. Diane, your portraits are just so wonderful. I love the abstract feeling of her and the expression on her face. So 'thoughtful'. As somebody who cannot draw, I'm always impressed with those that can! Wonderful job!

  6. I love the one with rain drops ❤❤
    so fine, fragile, sensitive

  7. Great process post and fabulous result. I love your stamp too, good work.

  8. Wonderful! You really did a lot with that image. I love the one with the water droplets too.

  9. I just adore your first face!!!So fluid, expressive...and those colours are gorgeous! I missed these in 29 I am glad I ran into you at IA:)

  10. I so dig the stamp you created from the first face ~ awesome!

  11. Very cool! Really like the stamp!

  12. Diane, my friend, it is always good to stop by and admire your work.

  13. The portrait is great but the best part for me is the stamp. I've been trying some stamp carving myself and you inspire me.


  14. Wow, Wow and Wow. I love how the addition of colour made her come to life. She is beautiful.

  15. Thank you all so very much for your kind words of encouragement!! I am overwhelmed at your responses to this piece! A warm and most sincere thank you to each and every one!!!! :)


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