Friday, December 27, 2019

So It's Like This ... Part 3

If you look at the date, it's been almost a year since I wrote "..Part 2". 
I'd like to say that I'm 100% back to my pre-stroke status; but alas I've come to accept that this is the new normal. Yet I have 100's of things to be grateful for! 

And here's the one my hubby gave me... a studio!!!!

God bless him! He had our tiny leaking back porch converted into my own studio! I made this photo collage shortly after it was finished, but it looks a bit different now. I put away my easel as it took up too much room and instead he made a way to turn a wall into one! love it :) I have more supplies now of course; my collage supplies are temporarily packed away with my paints taking center stage.
What a blessing and joy it is to walk into my little studio and create anytime & everytime that I am able!
I will be sharing pics of my new work and details of my new favorite medium soon.

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