Thursday, March 29, 2012

Artists Play Room Challenge

The Artists Play Room Challenge was to doodle or zentangle your name, initial or a favorite word. It sounded so easy and lots of fun; when Jenn asked for suggestions for a challenge, i suggested this. Well, would you believe that i  that i did this 3 times before i submitted this entry?!

The first one i did is my favorite, but after it was finished i thought to myself, "is this really a doodle"??
So then i did another this time in ink on a small 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches aceo card. But after seeing the amazing entry by VonnyK , i decided to try it again.

The third one is better than the second and was done in brown ink & is about 5x7; still, i must confess that my favorite is the watercolor even though it's not actually a doodle/zentangle.
Doodling for a finished piece of art is far different than doodling on the church bulletin or a scrap piece of paper as i tend to do! Yet isn't that why we take part in a challenge, to stretch ourselves & grow? So here you go Jenn, and thanks for this APR challenge! :D

And if you haven't done so, i encourage you to join in the fun at the Artists Play Room!


  1. Nicely done all of them. I did mine last night but again did not follow directions and so mine is numbers not letters. I may post it later anyway but not till Saturday as all my posts are up for the week already!
    Thanks for your most complimentary comment on my TMC poppies today!!! Much appreciated!!! ;-))

    1. Hi Lynn! Numbers, Letters they're both rather similar right? i don't see why you couldn't enter it. I'm sure Jenn will simply love the fact that you're participating! do it I'm already looking forward to seeing yours! :D and... thanks for saying hi!! :D

  2. Dianne,
    I totally love these, especially the green one, you have a way with ferns! Thanks for submitting,
    much love,

    1. hey there Jenn! you're always so sweet! and thank you for having this challenge!! less than a week later, i'm already longing to return to my collage painting! what do you do when there are tons of ideas screaming to be expressed all at once?! help! there just aren't enough hours in the day!
      Big hugs!! :D

  3. I love your green ferns and your zentangles are far more detailed than mine. Thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog, it was my first go and I am hooked but oh, my eyes are killing me. Would you believe I am doing another one today (must be mad). It is the last entry in my journal and then I can send it off.

  4. all three of those are super cute :)

  5. I think I will have to try this, and all 3 of your doodles are lovely but I think I have to agree that the first one is the best.


  6. I really like your Faith not the very act of growing a plant Faith in itself.....a word within a word...Great Job!


    p.s. I used to make origami birds with my church bulletin :0)

  7. Dear Vonny, Laura, Hope, Simona, Kaili, Mo, & Cindy,

    You are all so kind to have taken the time to write a comment... and i so love reading them! forgive me for not thanking each of you individually but rest assured that i truly appreciate you; & will thank you individually next time :D


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