Tuesday, March 27, 2012

dissatisfaction and a Re-Work

Have you ever done a piece, and even though people said nice things about it, the more you looked at it, the less you liked it?  Well that's the way i felt about a piece i did for IA's Team Challenge on texture.                                                                 
  Although i loved the color palette of the "green"
version, it was just way to busy, and i became increasingly dissatisfied with it. So i "quieted" the noise with more torn paper for the corners and with transparent acrylic paint and mediums, trying to give it that mellow encaustic look.

I'm content with this piece now, but am considering adding green and perhaps a bit of blue transparent acrylic layers to it.... hmmm

I'm very taken with the combining of paint and collage and have more ideas in my head waiting to get out!


  1. I really like the reworked version. Just right.

    1. Thanks Vonny!! oh, saw your zentangle for APR... wow that is so cool! :D

  2. I have to agree, I liked the original, but this one is my favorite!
    Haave a great day, Laura

    1. hi Laura! it's so good seeing you here again!! thanks for the encouragement and i hope you have a great weekend too :D

  3. Yuppez, the more you do, the better it looks! Go with your gut.

    (Oh, putting up stormy weather right after I finish writing the blog post! Hehehe, whatcha doin'?)
    oh, how long you gonna torture me before I get the doodle candy?? I wanna see it! heehee!

    1. Hey there Jenn! i have to get to IA and check out your stormy weather, i'll be posting mine pretty soon. And rest assured, dear friend, i finally posted my entry for the APR challenge!
      talk to ya soon!
      Big Hug! :)


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