Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's the Fairies Party Hop!

Welcome!!!  how wonderful that you are here!
let's take a peek inside ....

Natures flowers are the decorations for the party
and the fairies begin to arrive!

the fairies are arriving from east and west,
and from the north & south...

pretty fairy cakes
fairy tea sandwiches and
sips of refreshing fairy green tea

time for dancing

 and making new friends

and making merry!

psst, can you see the gifts the fairies have for you???
One you will find right at Inspiration Avenues Fairy Party
and the other

right here!
*for a chance to win this necklace:
* post a comment here
then go to The Expressive Palette on facebook
* say "Hi" & "like" the page!
a random drawing will be selected from all the names, and
it will be lovingly sent to the winner*
* Check back here Monday
if you see your name, then email me your address :)

the sun is setting
and lights keep the party going

yet soon the fairies will be returning
to their wee abodes
and as they leave they thank you so much for coming to their party
and wish you a most lovely & magical good night

and don't forget to attend all the other delightful fairy parties
that you will find at Inspiration Avenue!


  1. I love the story you wove with words and pictures! Magical. I truly enjoyed the party!

    I'm coveting the necklace, count me in :) Off to FB...

  2. I really loved your party, thankyou for having me! Count me in for the necklace too, it is gorgeous, have a lovely party day~

    ~Fairy Dust Blessings~

  3. Lovely party - so glad I came! Would love to model that necklace!! xo

  4. I so enjoyed your tea and beautiful journey all the way! Lovely pictures and scrumptious fairylicious treats! I am off to FB to "like" and share this event!
    Please put my wishes for your necklace in your jar of Fairy Friends!


  5. Diane, this is a beautiful party! I'm so glad I came. I loved the bench with the peeking window and the fairy cakes were divine! I am so excited to be part of the drawing for the beautiful necklace! Off to facebook now!

  6. Lovely party and a beautiful necklace! Those fairy cakes look so good!

  7. Ooooooo.....your images are gorgeous, Diane! The little fairy cake looks absolutely YUMMY! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing more of your work! xoxox

  8. I've so enjoyed the party and the wonderful food. Your digital enhanced images were beautiful along with their story.

    J x

  9. What a lovely party you've created for us!

  10. Sweet darling party.It was a lot of fun.If I"m not too late please count me in on the drawing for the beautiful necklace.I'm following you too.Thank you for visiting Me and following Me.So nice to meet you.Denise

  11. Loved it all, Diane, but I froze when I saw that fairy cake. ADORABLE.
    Thank you for stopping for a sip of tea at the shop. It has been a wonderful party.
    Much love,


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