Thursday, September 27, 2012

the farmer's market & prayer

It's been a rough few weeks,
lots of company plus a major fibro flare-up
but Autumn is here at last
and I'm ready to create art again!
On the first day of autumn
my friend Kathryn & I went 
to the farmers market.
Kathryn came home with raw goat milk
which is delicious by the way;
but i came home with this handmade journal
it's unusual in that i havent' seen one
that opens from the top of the book
both the front and back cover are the same
the inside paper is recyled
I've attempted a store bought art journal before
but basically it's rather haphazard & all over the map,
 just sketches,  a bit of color testing and i ashamedly
 admit to using it's pages for a shopping list.
However this journal has given me a theme for my art...
"Prayer" so this journal will be filled with
art inspired by Scripture and the Spiritual life.

With matte medium, i glued  sets of 2 pages into 1
and gessoed them. From  the looks of these
 they will need another coat of gesso.
and i added to the inside covers
a page from an 1866 German Devotional
and 1907 book "Festival Prayers, Day of Atonement" in Hebrew
 Although i'm  just beginning this
i feel confident that this is just the book
i needed to really get going with an art journal!

and on a side note, 
a while back i won a garden cross created by 
Peggy Gatto, and at long last here is a picture of it!
Thank you Peggy!! :)


  1. Diane,
    This is a great journal you found ~ lots of possibilities there!

    Lovely cross from Peggy too!
    The raw goat's milk .. ummmh , not sure... :0

  2. Your top-opening journal is a neat find, and you're off to a great start! I like the German devotional you've added and I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses. :o)


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