Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Orange" blueberries & Maine art

We just returned home from our 
little vacation to Maine.
There were so many memorable sights
which are all far better in my minds eye
than what came out of my  Kodak
but i still want to share some of them with you!
 we took a day trip to Campobello Island in Canada
and  loved this gorgeous tree!
I got a kick out of 
this Copper Moose Head on a house 
outside of EastPort ME

and this heavy metal woman
was in a parking lot of a business
in EastPort
i think the same artisan who made the moose
created her too don't you?

One of my favorite sights
are the colorful Blueberry Barrens!
After harvest, they change color
into flaming orange and red!
This picture is of a field that is
beginning to turn color

and this field along RT1
is almost there!

As soon as I'm caught up on all the work,
mainly laundry,  I'm going to do some
paintings in acrylic of the fields.

But here is a watercolor i did
after seeing them last year
which just so happens to work for 
Blueberry Field after Harvest


  1. I looks like you had a lovely trip! I love those blueberry fields ~ I've never seen them in person. Based on the photo, your watercolor depicts them beautifully!

  2. Love your painting and really enjoyed all your pictures.

    Happiness always

  3. i had no idea that blueberries when that colour. Gorgeous photos, and I simply love your painting x

  4. Your photo of the blueberry fields is wonderful. I appreciate you sharing it. The watercolor you submitted for the IA Orange challenge is very colorful and vibrant.

  5. Hi Diane, I thought I'd stop by and check if you ever received your Love's Disposition tags. I never heard back from you and I wondered because I mailed them on Oct. 5. If you have please send me a not via email or blog.
    Thank you.

    1. YES Thank You Marcia! :D we were out of town and i was delighted to find them waiting for me this weekend when we returned!
      They are LOVELY!! :D XO

    2. Glad to hear. I always worry that they don't make it to the right address.

  6. A beautiful post with gorgeous photos and artwork!

  7. those blueberry fields are beautiful and i think you've captured their essence in your painting. it's lovely! if you have time, i have tagged you in a ‘getting to know you’ type post on my blog. details here if you'd like


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