Tuesday, October 2, 2012

IAC - a pink rose

Cindy, our IA sister loves roses!
so it's no surprise that Cindy selected "Roses"
for our Inspiration Avenue's challenge!

My mother-in-law was the sweetest soul
who had a twinkle in her eye and love in her heart.
So when she passed at the age of 92,
we planted a rose bush to remember her by.
This is a picture of one of "mom's roses"
that I took a few years ago.

for the challenge i played around with the photo

This was a lovely and very enjoyable challenge!
Thank you Cindy! Come join us at
Inspiration Avenue!
And the color of these roses fit perfectly for
31 days of Pink!


  1. There are no words to describe the beauty of a Rose, or the memory of a loved one, or the beauty of women supporting women for a cure for Breast Cancer!

    Thank you Diane for the shout out and your beautiful rose post!
    Stunning photo!


    1. Thank you Kim for saying hi and for doing your "31 Days of Pink" which is inspiring to all of us!!! XOXO

  2. I love how in your image of the rose, it looks almost like a painting! Gorgeous - it also looks as though it is glowing.

    1. Hi there Kaili!! thank you for your "glowing" compliment! you are so sweet to say hi! :) XO

  3. So pretty, Diane.
    I stopped by with a little note to let you know I have not forgotten your fairy tags. They are packaged and ready to be mailed tomorrow when I go to the post office. I share my car with two children who go to college locally so you can only imagine. ;) But the fairies will take flight tomorrow. :)
    Thanks for your patience.

    1. oh Marcia, your tags were waiting for me when we returned from our little trip. They are all so charming and beautifully done!! Love them! and Thank you! thank you!! XOXO :)

  4. i like the original photo - and i love the edited! love the light shining through the petals!

    1. Hi Alice! Thank you!! and thank you for stopping by and taking the time to say Hi! :D

  5. This rose is so delicate. It's perfection, whether unaltered or with your additions. I love the way the yellow melts into the pink.

  6. Such a beautiful rose and a heartfelt sentiment! It's one of my favorite roses ever.

  7. The rose is gorgeous both ways. I am always in awe of digital art since I know nothing about it.

  8. Beautiful rose image and such a clever edit. It look like a mixed media piece with paint. Great work!


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