Sunday, December 2, 2012

angels and acceptance

The theme for Inspiration Avenue's art challenge of this past week was angels. I had fully intended to create an angel, however this week i had been stretched to my max, struggling with several things, one of which were painting angel ornaments for the grand children.

What has been bothering me most of late is my increasing lack of motor skills. My shaking hands were the main reason i closed my little jewelry shop over a year ago.  Two weeks ago i made a necklace as a little surprise gift for my sister in law, and  noticed how much more my hands shake and also the lack of strength they now have.  I went looking at the pictures of jewelry i had sold from the etsy shop and i confess to feeling deeply saddened that those days are forever behind me.
Making those little angels also served to put the mirror of reality before me, little facial features had to be redone because a trembling hand messed up. Even the simple task of writing the girls names was another reminder, as if i needed yet another! 

 There is a part of me that grieves and yet it's all right.

There's a saying "when God closes a door, He always opens a window"  while it's not Scripture, i am convinced that God has given each one of us gifts to be used, and art has been with me since childhood. So i will rejoice in this gift and paint with a grateful heart as long as God gives me breath.


  1. Diane, these angels are beautiful, they look perfect to me. Your granddaughters will love them!

    If you've transitioned from doing intricate work to painting, you've just moved on from one creative endeavor to another. You are talented at both, and your paintings are fantastic! You have been blessed with creativity!

  2. The Lord will definitely open another door when one is closed, we just need to be willing to take it. It seems to me that you have, by the beauty of your angels. May The Lord continue to give you the strength, courage and wisdom to follow the new doorway.

  3. Your little angels are beautiful, Diane!

  4. You did a beautiful job with those angels-they could almost be big dangly earrings too:)

  5. I love your little angels, they are so sweet. I am pretty sure that God will open a window for you or another door. Blessings to you.


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