Thursday, April 7, 2016

A New Direction

Over the past 2, mostly quiet years, I've done less and less  mixed media and more painting.  I think my direction changed when I painted this. It has just one small piece of collage, a paper from an 1866 German Devotional in the upper left section.
Something happened to me when I looked at the finished piece. It sounds juvenile,  but it was one of those rare moments when I felt like I crossed over and became an artist  of fine art.
The reaction on twitter was very positive an enthusiastic. And I when I put it up on etsy, it sold rather quickly. I also was asked to make a larger one for someone off line.  

Because of the positive reaction & the 2 sales, I have often thought of painting more like this in other color palettes, but I don't' want my art to be formulaic. On the other hand, what IF this is supposed to be my ionic style?? Yeah I know I'm just day dreaming! :)
I know where I want to go artistically, but how to get there is the question.!

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