Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Two New!! Who Knew? :)

Last night I finally finished one landscape and am very close to finishing the "reworking" of an abstract.  

The landscape is mainly a palette knife painting with a wee bit of glazing and a couple of small brush strokes where needed.  
I'm having the dickens of a time capturing the colors of the painting accurately. Maybe I need a light box or a better camera because I always have trouble anytime I include shades of purple in my paintings.  
When I finish with the photo editing of this one I'll list it on etsy.

 This small abstract isn't finished, but I know where it's going. It started out all done in acrylic inks, but I am adding acrylic paint to it in little spaces. Right now all the yellow you see is new, but I'll be adding more colors too.
 update.... almost finished  the tentative title might be "life" but not sure yet. 

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