Sunday, April 29, 2012

What an ART themed Week!

Wow this past week has been brimming over with artistic milestones for "The Expressive Palette"!
The first time my art was published, the first time my art was featured in a blog, and the first time i "hosted" an art challenge, all happened within one smashing week!

First, Jenn McLean, artist and blogger extraordinaire  of Just Add Water Silly,  did a feature on this artist and her art! She took me by surprised when she initially asked if she could write a feature about my art. It has been barely a year since I began my journey  back to art; and I am still finding my voice & my medium.  Yet Jenn wrote as if I am an established artist already. Bunches of thanks Jennifer for your generous spirit, talent and encouragement! You may read her feature here.

 Second, it was the very first time i  hosted the Inspiration Avenues Weekly art challenge. The theme I selected was art "Inspired by Words". We had twenty four awesome entries, making it very difficult selecting just one winner. In the end I selected a 3D piece of art by Angie called "Unwritten Poem".

Then, lastly, the magazine "Featuring" came out, and I'm in it! All of this thanks once again to Jennifer for asking me to submit a butterfly painting for "The Butterfly Project".  This project is for the Holocaust Museum in TX.  Jennifer wrote a wonderful article that "Featuring" published!

and on the back cover....


  1. The art is all marvelous! Very impressive and you are definitely established. Do love it ALL!

  2. Congrats, You ARE flying without WINGS!!


  3. Wow, congrats on all of your success!

  4. Congratulations! Your art work is gorgeous!

    Hugs, Gaby

  5. Wonderful job and super congratulations for having your work published in FEATURING. So glad to have an article in the same edition as your beautiful butterflies. I particpated in the Butterfly Project that Trudi Sissons was hosting. What a beautiful and heartfelt collaboration of such great proportions!! xo Jill


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