Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a Pair of Pears for Artists Play Room

Jenn McClean, IA sister, friend, artist, blogger extraordinaire, and now a contributing editor of the new art magazine "Featuring", has another challenge for  The Artists Play Room this week  ...  "Pears".
I thought I'd use this challenge to see if i could do an 
abstract collage of pears.
Pears 1

Pears 2

Here's how i did these...  
*WARNING, Don't try this at home!*
Because i have no idea of the "proper" way to do this and wouldn't want to lead any of you astray!
(also color and quality of step by step photos aren't very good 
as they were taken rather hastily 
on the kitchen counter where i work)

I made "sketches" in acrylic paint on 
Strathmore Archival Acid-Free Premium linen canvas 246 lb. paper

casually painted the backgrounds knowing a bit of those colors will be seen under the upcoming layers of paper and paint

then i begin adding torn papers

more paint and more papers

still more layers, 
sealed with varnish
& finally trimmed the edges of the finished pears

I wasn't that happy with the 2nd pear, it was too "warm" and drab.
I also needed better contrast
so i added blue and a touch more white.

I have noticed that my method of work has been changing.
It is more loose and free. 
i have a vague idea of where i want to go and
allow the painting to guide me... 
 i am loving this new freedom!


  1. These are amazing! I love the layers and colors and more layers - both are works of art. You should be proud. visiting from APR

  2. love seeing your process and hearing your enthusiasm! and the pears are beautiful!

  3. I love the freer style and it was fun to see the step by steps... glad someone else doesn't do things the "right" way... lead me astray baby, that is where all the fun is...xx

  4. I love all the layers - so rich and dimensional!

  5. This is gorgeous, Diane!

    I love seeing your step by step...your finished piece is rich with layers and texture that came from all those steps. I love the bit of red outline against the pastel tones.

  6. Oooh, I love the step by step. I am new to mixed media (perhaps to art in general I should say) and love to get a feel for new things to try. This turned out so pretty. I love the texture and pattern in the papers that you used.

  7. Thank you for showing the process of your pair of pears! I really like the red outline/back light to show the pears up from the back ground. I love all the different layers and designs in the torn papers.

  8. That is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing the how you did it. I have a problem with glue, I wear more than I paste. I can see me being the one with all the layers of paper and not the canvas :) The way the paint still comes through is so clever, I really like this way of doing a painting. There is so much more to see.

  9. this really is fantastic Diane, it is amazing how you've allowed your art to take you where it wants to go. Now, just teach me how to let go like that! I agree with Tracey, if you're doing it the "wrong" way then I don't want to be right. Hugs to you my friend, thanks so much for the tutorial.

  10. I loved seeing how your pears came together, Diane....beautiful!

  11. You did a fantastic job. I really enjoyed watching the progress. I was shocked that you had so many layers. Now I know the secret to good art!

  12. Thanks for showing your process--your talent and patience in applying all those layers really paid off. Beautiful collages!

  13. how cool is this!!! i want to try it and i just might in the morning! thanks for the directions - i love your pear collage!

  14. I love the impressionistic feel you got on your mixed media pear. You can definitely note the freedom of your technique. Blessings!

  15. Great Pears!!!!
    Pear 1 and Pear 2.....isn't that 2 pairs....4 of a kind...LOL

    linen paper....that sounds interesting....I'm sooooo out of the loop!...LOL


  16. Wow Diane,
    Truly fantastic!
    I love the shape of the pears, the technique used, the colours and the step by step process.
    Thanks so much for sharing...its so inspirational.
    Apologies for being late visiting but I'm so glad I came.
    Have a super Sunday! ;D

  17. These are lovely! I appreciated seeing the process. It inspired me to try something new.

  18. Your pears are truly luscious!!!
    Hope you got your garden cross o k!


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