Saturday, July 7, 2012

chucking the plans and the teapot challenge

Boy just when i thought i was getting the feel for abstract art,
this week happened!
I sketched a few designs in pastel pencils that
i thought were terrific.
But when i was painting them..... totally awful!
The more i looked at those mini sketches,
the more awful my work became.
So after working on the two paintings for a day and a half, 
i chucked the sketches &
 just did what i  thought worked for the piece;
 and when i was happy with what i saw,
i stopped! (lesson learned from last week!)
Life Circle

Now i think in total honesty i should tell you
 that my much beloved hubby, 
actually laughed out loud when he saw the abstract landscape.
hmmm...... of course this wonderful man doesn't like abstract or expressive art & though he respects VanGogh, he wouldn't want any of his work in the house. So maybe, and this is my semi desperate way of coping, his laughter at this piece may just be a good thing!?
And for the Inspiration Avenues "tea pot" challenge, time was a bit short this week,
 but i took one of my photographs and played around digitally
giving it a new look for Shel's challenge.
"Green Tea"


  1. There are no mistakes in art. :-)

    I love what you did with the green tea.

    1. Thanks Deborah for stopping by! btw have to say that your entry & art are so cool!!

  2. It is the artist's lot in life to be laughed at! :) At least it's a response - even if not the one you hoped for. I actually see your piece as an abstract landscape and see much to admire. What's the white texture at the bottom? Is it a novelty paper? It's gorgeous. And, since I did a digital teapot too cuz I was short on time, I can really appreciate yours. I like the monochromatic look.....

    1. Hi Terrie! you're right, at least laughter's a response! :D
      The white texture is a handmade paper that i found at an art shop, and i love working with it.
      I'm intrigued by the background of your teapot, the Chinese writing, so PERFECT for your teapot! How did you do that?? love the total effect! :)

  3. I really like "Life Circle." It has so much texture. I was really impressed that the texture was outside the circle, making it even more predominant.

    The teapot showed how a play on words makes the digitally altered photo so much more unique and interesting. This showed not just your talent, but your play on the subject.

    1. Oh Elizabeth you are so kind! :D I have just been over to your blog and read your post on glues & gesso. How wonderfully informative that was, not to mention all the work you put into it for your readers! I have "yes" paste and liked it because it didn't warp or wrinkle delicate handmade papers , but i had no idea it was a starch and could get brittle over time or brings bugs!! So far i used it sparingly for a specific part of a larger collage that would be sealed in gel mediums. Still, my first thought was throw it away!!!
      I was also glad to learn about gesso being an adhesive! What a wealth of information i learned from you today! :D

  4. Love the texture of Life Circle - as for getting laughed at - sometimes I have to laugh at my own efforts. The green teapot phot0 is also terrific.

    1. Hi Gina! Thank you so much and for taking the time to say hello! I've been to your blog too & enjoyed your post with the star girl :D

  5. I am in love with your landscape. Its amazing.

    1. Why thank you so much Frances! :D And, btw, I've been to your blog and love your blue and green abstract!:D

  6. Diane although I had to laugh at what you wrote, I really liked your abstract. I laughed because a few of my art pieces when I asked my hubby his opinion, I got the same look as when I asked him if he liked my new hair color or cut and it was just a "look" like anything he said he would hand himself! LOL I really do like it!!! Also, the green tea, clever girl!

    1. Hey there Kim!! yup i hear ya! LOL thank goodness our love doesn't depend upon whether our hubby's appropriately respond to our art or hair!!! :D
      Thanks bunches for saying "hi"!
      now please take good care of yourself!!!
      XOXO :)

  7. I love the abstracts as well as your teapot piece! The textures are amazing! (I don't ask my hubby what he thinks of my art anymore. lol. He just doesn't appreciate art, poor man.)

  8. Oh Maggie you are so sweet! LOL couldn't help but laugh at
    "..He just doesn't appreciate art, poor man.)" because i was thinking the exact same thing about my hubby!! :D hey, in the grand scheme of things it's no biggie; he is encouraging though and that's important. But for appreciation, that's what our IA sisters are for! :D

  9. Your green tea entry caught my eye ahead of everyone else's. Something about it, love the green, love how the entire tea pot is not rendered, a bit left to the imagination. Really love this piece!

  10. The landscape is actually my favorite one! I think the laughter is a wonderful thing, people laugh when they are happy right? lol


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