Sunday, July 1, 2012

continuing in the abstract

In a recent post, "becoming Brave HeArted" I wrote how "i'm trying to be brave enough to listen  to the voice that's deep inside trying to get out, not to hold back and be safe.... & as i do, i see my art getting more expressive, bolder and more abstract!" here's my next piece.....

This mixed media painting is on the large side for me, 6x6 inches, box canvas with 1 1/2 in deep sides that are painted.
I re-learned  an important lesson the hard way with this one.  When i first did this, my heart was pounding wildly at how perfectly the painting captured my vision, and then i did what i told myself i would never do again.... i thought  "what if i add...."; and it wasn't bad, but then i had to add to that, and then by my third addition i hated it.
So after kicking myself, i started fresh & when my heart was happy once more i STOPPED! :)
i just hope i don't fall off the wagon & start doing the "what ifs" again!

And on a side note  Peggy Gatto was having a "Garden Cross Give-Away" and i was one of the winners!  What a wonderful way to kick start July!!  Thank you Bunches Peggy!!! :D


  1. I think you stopped at the right place - your painting is stunning!

  2. thanks for your visit - i participate in lots of the same challenges (IA, etc) so am your newest follower so I can keep up with all the beautiful things you make. i'm loving the abstract mode you're in. i love mail art too and received some beauties from the IA swap - looking forward to the next one.

  3. This is beautiful!

    It is hard to learn to listen to that voice that says STOP!!!
    You will get the hang of it, someday I'm sure.

    Me? I still need a swift kick in the rear from time to time lol

  4. I love the texture and the depth this has! Even though it's abstract, I feel as if I am peeking into a peaceful enchanted scene with a beautiful lake.

    I know what you mean about knowing (or not knowing) when to stop :)


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