Saturday, August 11, 2012

~ the Lay of the Land ~

Since i began this art journey in July 2011
i've been
observing, experimenting, learning, stretching,  growing, discovering.
When i started, there were two things i  really wanted
* to become a GOOD, & i mean a really GOOD artist
* to discover my style and become the best i can in it.
But when i look over my shop,
well quite honestly  it's a mess!
i'm all over the place.
There is no cohesive style.
I have learned recently that i like mixed media more than watercolors
and that even though it was out of my comfort zone, 
being more loose and abstract seemed to free me.
this is an abstract mixed media landscape
i did that really excites me!
and this one....
changed everything!

When i first went back to art, i tried acrylics and hated the medium because i couldn't get it to do what i wanted. But now with thanks to God (yes i pray about my art) and being brave, all the little lessons have finally come together! What makes me SO excited is that this piece is totally paint (acrylic) and the composition, technique & feel is exactly what my vision hoped it would be.
 I still have more to learn but nevertheless i have passed a hurdle and have found myself!
The Inspiration Avenue Teams  Challenge, hosted by Jenn of Just Add Water Silly, was "zentangles"
and in keeping with my new favorite theme "landscapes"
here is my entry

i added a hint of color because quite frankly i love color :)

Blessings & Joy to you all!!


  1. What an inspiring post! It's encouraging to know that with enough perseverance, we cab find a style. And I'm likin' yours! That first abstract landscape is a winner.....I really like it. And your doodled one is fun too. Keep up the exploration - can't wait to see where it takes you!

    1. Hi Terrie! i agree about the orange landscape... but the sad truth is i tried to repeat that & couldn't. It seemed to come together like a beautiful surprise. I will however keep trying that abstract style from time to time. Thanks bunches Terrie for stopping by!!! :D

  2. Awww, I'm so darn happy for you Diane. Truth be known, although I really don't spread this around, I pray for guidance with my art too. Just a signpost to help me know I'm going in the right direction.

    I truly know how you're feeling, it seems we've both been going through growing pains at the same time. I'm so happy you've found your way to art nirvana. You're so talented, you deserve all the happiness one can wring out of this.

    Hope you keep in touch,
    Much love,
    PS. and I like your tangle thanks for entering, I so appreciate the support. The leaving ended up being difficult.

    1. Awww Jenn!!! :D gee i miss you! you were such a wonderful presence at IA, we all miss you; but do understand that the needs of your new job don't give you enough hours in the day to do everything and be everywhere. still .... sigh.... that said i was delighted to enter your challenge, i just wish i could enter ALL of them!
      Congratulations again Jenn on your new position! editor! wow how perfect for you!!
      BIG Hug & lots of Love!!! :D

  3. It is lovely to have found your style and be so happy with it. Your drawings and paintings inspire for sure.

    1. oh Ann, thank you! I've just been to your blog, & you have such a lovely style, your peacocks are wonderful!
      thanks again for stopping by! :)

  4. I have been struggling with my "style" since I started with rubber stamping 10 years ago. I paint, collage, stitch and don't really have a "direction". Not sure if that's ok - I just keep at it. I pray for guidance there - but I am still not sure. Love your landscapes - and the tangle landscape is great. So wonderful to have a vision in your head and see it flow onto canvas.

    1. Hi Gina! thank you for your kind words! i've been doing various kinds of arts and crafts for least 30 years, so you are just starting out! don't worry it will come to you! :D! i'm glad you like the tangle one, it's so cool and i've been wondering if there is a way i can translate that into a painting. So for now, i'm keeping that on the back burner hoping it will come to me.
      thanks again Gina for taking the time to say hi & send encouraging words!
      Blessings! :D

  5. Isn't it the most wonderful gift...when something we do/create excites us? I just love that feeling.
    I like your landscapes and the zentangle...I agree color is good:)

    1. Hi Lisa! It's so great to see you! :) i totally agree, it is a "wonderful gift to be able to create something that excites us"!thanks so much Lisa for saying hello! :D


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