Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Doors & Love

I love doors
 so when Nancy, our IA sister 
selected "Doors" as this week's challenge
i knew it was going to be fun sharing these with you.

this colorful door just has to belong to an artist!
it's inspires creativity just looking at it.

and this charming round red door seems to
belong to  some very happy folks don't you think?

The most romantic door is from Paris,of course!
la Amour ~  la Amour ~

This light blue asymmetrical door really beckons me!
It is so interesting and so very compelling
i just have to go in! i don't know what it's like inside
but i know i will love it!

 when i was a girl, i wanted to live in a tree,
not a tree house, but inside a tree with a rounded door!

When i was first married  my husband
i told him about my little fantasy.

A few years later we were able to move into our own home.
It's a very small abode and didn't have a front closet
for all the coats and jackets needed here in Vermont.

So my hubby went to work building a coat closet for us.

and then  he surprised me
Now that dear reader is how
a door can show love!

note.... the closet and door are plumb, but the camera skewed it.
and see the twisted corners of the closet?
they were re purposed legs from my old hope chest
that had fallen apart
and then painted white

*most door pictures courtesy of pinterest *


  1. I would have trouble choosing my favourite amongst these doors, and as for your own special door, now that's what I call clever.

  2. what a charming and colourful selection of doors, love them all.

  3. These are some seriously cool doors! My fave is that asymmetrical one with the round windows. I just love windows and doors myself and will be dashing home after work to add mine to this challenge.

  4. I love ALL the doors. Don't you wonder if a hobbit is behind that door in the berm? And the first door makes me so happy with all that color!! Love 'em all!

  5. I am a door nut- my kids make fun of me on vacation because I will take a zillion photos of doors in any city we are visiting. The ones you have here are exceptional! Especially the last one!

  6. These are all so creative and beautiful! I LOVE the round door and the asymmetrical one, I've never seen doors in such amazing shapes before!

  7. Thanks so much for your kind comments - both on my random thoughts about inspiration and my door collection. I do have several VT doors - we loved our visit there last year and explored all over northern and central VT in Sept. We were there to see the fall leaves and they didn't disappoint. And, if you remember, it was unseasonably warm and we loved that.

    Anyway, thanks again for commenting and staying in touch - I'm loving arting and growing and sharing with you.

  8. Wonderful story, beautiful doors!! Your door is such a sweet love story...should have a sign," made with love" on it!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. What a lovely door you get to enter each day!
    Sometimes "hubbies" do listen don't they?


  10. I love doors! You've got some fabulous ones posted here!


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