Monday, August 20, 2012

Party Gifts for You!

You have heard about the party haven't you?
The wee folk, fairies and their friends
are having a party
and Inspiration Avenue with 
all of their friends
are invited.

And you know that where there is a party
there often are presents.
But when the fairies hold a party,
there always are presents!

Inspiration Avenue has fun "freebies" to help
with your party and for you.
And they also have "give-aways"
wonderful gifts for you!

It's so easy to win one of the gifts.
Just go to the I.A. party page to learn how.

I created this art to wear necklace for 
the Inspiration Avenue Give Away.
This fanciful fiddlehead fern is hand drawn
painted in watercolor and under a glass dome.


I created another necklace that 
I will give to one lucky reader of my blog!
Details will be on the day of the party
right here!

See you at the party!


  1. Absolutely lovely necklaces....what a great idea! In your comment to me you asked about parallel pens. Basically it's a type of calligraphy pen that comes in various nib widths but functions more like a fountain pen with ink cartridges so easier for me than an inkwell. I love the way it writes so smoothly and makes my writing look instantly better. I’m playing catch up with all the comments left while I was gone….it’s nice to know people continue to check in, but I feel overwhelmed to catch up with the reading and thanks. So, here’s a quick thanks…..

  2. Hi there Terrie! It's wonderful seeing you again! Ah,the parallel pen, now i know what you are talking about. I haven't had one but i do have/love the fountain/cartridge pens for the same reason you do, my hand writitng looks so much better using one... & i love all the colors of ink! :)
    Thanks bunches Terrie for being such a dear reader & saying hi!!


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